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Welcome to a New Year!

With another year behind us, it’s typical for many of us to consider what our goals for 2018 might involve. There is no doubt that a large proportion of us will make a fitness goal that we hope to achieve this year. Whether it be weight loss, fitness gain, or healthier eating, one thing is for sure; all of us could use the help of our GPs to keep us on track.

Doctors are often overlooked when it comes to getting help with fitness and health goals, but here is what GPs can offer us:

1. Access to full body health checks

When we go to a personal trainer for the first time, they often use assessment tools such as weight, height and fitness levels to establish a base for us to improve on. Think of a health assessment as an extension of this. GPs delve deeper into our social factors, medical history, and even blood test results to see whether there is anything else going on in our bodies that could be changed to help lead towards a healthier life.

2. Goal planning and regular check ins

Like our personal trainers, GPs can help us establish goals and set routine check-ins. These routine check-ins help us stick to training plans and reach targets. Even if we slip up, or fall sick, these routine check ins can re-establish where we are at and set new goals. Plus, you’re already at the GP, so grab a script for that hay fever on your way out as well!

3. Referrals!

GPs offer the opportunity for us to gain access to professionals in sports medicine, dietetics, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, psychology and many other allied health specialties that can assist in achieving your 2018 goals. Depending on your current health status, you may even be eligible for Medicare subsidised services!

4. An understanding of where our health is going in the future

Many of us do not realise that we may have risk factors for developing chronic conditions in the future, particularly as we age. Things like past smoking, higher cholesterol levels and alcohol consumption are all risk factors for developing chronic health conditions in the future. Even some conditions that we already have may give rise to more serious health concerns in the future and our GPs can help us monitor these conditions and risk factors.

Speaking to your GP now can help you gain a better understanding of your current and future health, and can set you up for a year, and life, of goal achieving glory!

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